14 Apr 2012

Houston Cop goes CRAZY (Original RAW Footage)

Hostile Houston Cop comes after two innocent guys video taping at a Wal-Mart in SouthWest Houston for NO REASON, the men were held against their will before later being hand-cuffed to be arrested but released after another cop came to their rescue. The incident was only resolved after the cop tried to bribe and threaten the men to ERASE this footage or go to JAIL....
(This is a REAL police officer of the Kenefick TX Police Department. Apparently he works part-time as a guard for a Wal Mart in SW Houston after his shift. This information was CONFIRMED by the other police officer who came to our rescue on the scene and who's information will remain anonymous for being a better person although they also took the bad cops side when it came to erasing the footage before our release. We made them think we erased it so YOU could see this for yourself. Also what you see in this video is the FIRST contact made with the police officer which was initiated by HIM. Had he ordered we stop video taping Wal Mart or just to plain STOP video taping we would have been happy to comply, but his issue was "Don't record ME!!" when my friend asked "What? Stop Recording?" the officer replied only with "NOT ME" and both of us confirmed he was not being recorded on purpose and continued with our harmless film which would probably have NEVER even surfaced had he not done what you see here) The police department also denies this as one of their own even while his information is public knowledge. We have yet to hear about him being in anyway punished for his actions so your help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for watching!

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